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The Reference Interview Part 1: The Essentials

October 26, 2012

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When patrons enter a public or academic library, they often need  assistance in locating the information they are seeking.  The idea of the reference interview is to focus the query of the enquiring patron to determine what it is specifically that they are looking for.   As with other interpersonal interactions, there is a process involved in undertaking an interview.  The purpose of this article is to examine the literature to determine best practices for the essential reference interview.

This article seeks only to identify the essentials of the interview process.  A later article will examine special topics regarding the reference interview.



Difficulties with Patrons

October 11, 2012

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In this review, I am considering a common dilemma, especially for library staff who work in a public service role.  What is the best way in which to deal with the library patron whose behaviour is presenting difficulties to library staff?  In this review, I will restrict myself to consideration of tactics for front line staff to use in such situations.  I will also mostly limit myself to ordinary situations where the patron is exhibiting difficult behaviour, but not extreme violent or aggressive behaviour.


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